Frequently Asked Questions

SmashTel Basics

Do I own the phone numbers I purchase through SmashTel?

You do! SmashTel stores and forwards your phone number for you and allows you to port out your phone number to another service should you need to.

How much does a SmashTel phone number cost?

SmashTel phone numbers have a monthly hosting fee that varies based on the package you choose, with Reserved Numbers starting at $5/month. Our Unlimited Use packages start at $19.95/month. Visit our Pricing Page for full details.

What kind of phone numbers can I order from SmashTel?

SmashTel offers local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers from a wide variety of carriers. Begin searching for your perfect business phone number HERE.

Number Porting

How will I know when the port is complete?

Your new phone number carrier is responsible for confirming the port’s completion on their end.

How long does it take to port out my phone number?

The porting timeline depends on your new provider’s process. Once the port is requested from your new provider with the correct account information, we release the number(s) to your new provider.

How much does it cost to port out my phone number?

The port out fee for all numbers is a flat-rate $5.

Can I port my SmashTel phone number out to another provider?

Yes, you can port your number out at any time. Keep in mind, you will continue to be billed until the port to the new provider is complete.

Can I port a number into SmashTel?

At this time, we do not allow for porting in phone numbers from other carriers. If you’d like to browse new numbers from nearly every area code in the U.S., click HERE.

New Business Phone Numbers

How many numbers can I purchase at once?

You can purchase as many SmashTel numbers as you like at any given time.

What toll-free area codes are available?

SmashTel offers a wide variety of toll free and vanity numbers. Start searching HERE.

Are there extra fees for toll-free numbers?

Toll-free pricing is different from local number pricing. View our Pricing Page for full details.

What local area codes are available?

SmashTel offers a huge selection of searchable local numbers for nearly every local area code in the United States. Start searching for your perfect number HERE.

Service and Billing

Will I be billed for long-distance calls?

No, SmashTel services do not charge for long distance calls. Our Unlimited Minutes package includes calls from any phone number, no matter what area code.

Are there taxes and fees?

All plans are subject to the Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee imposed by the FCC, the Federal Cost Recovery Charge, which covers the cost associated with federal and state regulatory compliance, and any applicable state taxes.

Technical details

What if I only want to store/save my SmashTel number for later?

When setting up your SmashTel phone numbers, you will be prompted to select a Reserve Numbers Package or Unlimited Minutes (Forwarding) Package. Select the Reserve option to save your numbers for later. You can always change this preference later when you want to begin forwarding calls to your cell.

Can I make outbound calls from my SmashTel number?

At this time, SmashTel does not provide outbound calling services.

What if I don’t answer the call to my cell?

The caller will hear your cell phone’s voicemail greeting and can leave you a message.

Can I forward to multiple cell phone numbers?

At this time, SmashTel only supports one-to-one forwarding.

Will callers know my number is forwarded via SmashTel?

No, callers will be forwarded to your cell invisibly.

Do I need an internet connection for my SmashTel service to work?

No, SmashTel handles all number forwarding for you. All you need is an active cell phone to receive calls.

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